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Ochre hue shines bright in the city of Udaipur, the land of glistening palaces and captivating culture. Located in the state of Rajasthan, Western India, Udaipur once served as the historical capital of Mewar. Today, the romantic settings of this city, the Aravalli Hills, fantastic palaces and beautiful streets lined with temples and small markets make it one of the most popular travel destination in the country. Overlooking the shimmering Lake Pichola, this is one of those cities that’s best explored through a self-drive car rental service like tatla cabs. .
With tatla cabs, the self-drive car rental service, you can choose a vehicle of your choice, from a hatchback or a sedan if you are travelling solo to a luxury vehicle if you want a memorable trip with your partner. With rates starting as low as Rs. 100 an hour, you can choose your ride and enjoy travelling through the city without worrying about a source of conveyance. It’s certainly more affordable, definitely more comfortable and ultimately more memorable. And if you are up for some challenge, go ahead, choose an SUV or a compact SUV and explore the terrain around Aravalli Hills. You will have a lot to remember once you leave the city.
Self-Drive rental cars from tatla cabs are perfect for anytime trip to the spice Stores around the city or for private tours to the Jagdish Temple. Just in case those drives tire you, simply visit the Ayurvedic Wellness Centers located across the city and you will find yourself rejuvenate for the next ride.

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